Your bright future starts at The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College

Enrolling in a tourism course can be your ticket to a future you’ve been dreaming of. After completing courses in tourism, a myriad of opportunities await you. Aside from having a competitive salary, being a travel agent consultant gives you the perks of visiting numerous places around the globe and at the same time earning a living.

Tourism Course

Tourism Course

A number of tourism school Queensland has opened through the years but only few offer a reputable name and trademark courses in tourism. The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College has been in the forefront and the voice of specialized travel and tourism training since the late 1970s. Started as a family run business, it is considered as the oldest private tourism trainers in Australia.  Spanning more than three decades of unparalleled leadership and innovation in travel consultant courses, the college has evolved from a simple tourism school Queensland had to become the nation’s most innovative training center for travel agent consultants.

The Tourism School Queensland has demonstrated its innovative strategies in travel agent consultant training through the years. Backed up with seasoned trainers with unquestionable integrity and long years of experience in tourism industry, the school offers courses in tourism that are flexible, technologically advanced and complementary to student’s needs.

Most of you would wonder why choose The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College among the rest? We shall present hard facts about tourism school Queensland that will help you know why this is one of the most competent schools.

A Pioneer in Providing Quality Virtual Course

With the explosion of technology, most students prefer courses in tourism delivered conveniently. The college has pioneered the introduction of travel consultant courses prepared in a series of modules. This breakthrough enables one to take full control of one’s study time, anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the modules are written in a format and language that is easily understandable and user-friendly. Discussions with your trainers go beyond the physical set-up of a traditional classroom, as it occurs virtually, accessible at the tip of your fingers.

Since you are the one to design your study timetable, experienced trainers and efficient software are readily available and accessible 24/7 to facilitate your learning experience and assist you with your training.

An Accredited Institution that Aims to Deliver the Best

The college is a widely recognized authority in specialized travel and tourism training. Its tourism course is updated, accredited and aligned with Certificate III. The long tradition of excellence of the travel consultant training center guarantees you an immediate employment after graduating from the travel consultant courses. The college has an astounding 98% employment rate since its inception and provides wide range of employment opportunities to its graduates.

While pursuing your dream, the tourism course is designed in an interactive manner to keep you focused, and motivated. The strength of the curriculum is it can fast track your career.

These are just nuggets about The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College. What’s important is your unwavering determination to grab your dream of becoming a productive and most sought-after travel agent consultant. The college shall prepare you in realizing your dream by providing you a conducive learning environment for holistic development.

Indeed, The Bill Healy Travel & Tourism College is the synonym for tourism training excellence. Don’t settle for less. Contact now the college through their numbers, 1300 27 66 40 or email your inquiry at Entrust your future only to an institution who has surpassed the challenges of time with a well-earned reputation. Visit

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