The Role of Data Centres in a Modern World

Technology today, keeps changing and is getting more advanced than before. With the development of digitization, today’s state-of-the-art facility could be outdated by tomorrow. It is inevitable that every now and then we need to be well equipped with latest technologies to compete in the international market. That is why a constant update of knowledge is important in today’s technologically enhanced world. A data center is one such important infrastructure that is highly accepted by organisations today. Almost in every sector, organisations need the intervention of data centres to manage their huge data.

data center

How Things Started

In traditional time, preferably during the 1960s, data centres are used in large computer rooms to save data. As time flies by, information technology gets more complex and microcomputers were introduced, organisations get more conscious towards managing their IT solutions. Many small organisations faced a lot of difficulties while acquiring data center knowledge. Previously, data centres are divided into several parts such as Internet data centres, cloud data centres and so on. With the development of cloud computing and complexity of the internet, all the divided parts are incorporated as “data center”. Data centers are also getting improved by the time as the information technology is getting developed with each passing moment.

Modern Networking

In recent times, when the entire humankind depended on technology, organisations are in need of having data centres to store their IT solutions. In today’s date when a company completely relies on information technology, data center knowledge can give a solid support to the small and medium enterprises. As the use of data centres grows, it becomes more secured, integrated and safe for every type of IT solutions.


Data centre is mainly used to centralize the information technology operations of any organisation. It also stores, manages and distributes the huge data of the organisation in a much easier way. The main applications include:

  • ERP and CRM systems
  • Operation architecture
  • Off-site backups and so on.

Some of the leading IT companies have developed mobile software that can be installed and can be made operational in a short span of time.


In 2005, Telecommunication Industry Association published a telecommunication industry standard for data centres. There are four tiers that are defined by the association. The Tiers are:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4

In practice, tier 4 is better than tier 3, which is better than the Tier 2 and so on.

As we all know, technology is getting developed every single day. We discover a lot of new things around us every now and then. It is important for organisations to be well informed and be fully knowledgeable about the various IT solutions that are incorporated day by day. For the small and medium enterprises, there are several online journals and organisations that are researching relentlessly to provide thorough data center knowledge to the common people. Anyone can easily get the full information about the developed and advanced data centres and cloud computing through these journals and online research papers by experts.

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