There is no Shortage for Storage Space with Self Storage Facilities

The self storage facility has become a perfect way to address the storage problems faced by business enterprises and individuals. Encouraged by the positive response from self storage users, several new storage spaces have been established in Australia. It is expected that in the next 10 years there will be a considerable increase in the self storage business in Australia. One of the Real estate investment trusts (REIT) has invested about 31% of its asset values in self storage Perth offers that residents opt for and even in other parts of Australia. This highlights the favorable market condition prevalent for the self storage business in Australia.

New Investments

One of the winners of Keep Safe Storage competition held recently by the Self Storage Association of Australia (SSAA) has decided to invest in 650 storage units covering an area of about 4000 SQ meters. This storage facility which is coming up in Welshpool, Australia is actually an outdoor storage space ideal for sea containers, boats, and vehicles. In fact, you can find such exclusive self storage Perth facilities in various other parts of Australia too.

Encouraging Market Condition

According to a report of the Australian National Bank, the utilization of services of self storage Perth firms currently offer and total customer revenue is highest in Australia as compared to the USA and other European countries. Or course, as compared to the USA, the self storage market in Australia may be comparatively smaller. But, according to the report on the evaluation of the storage market based on the above two metrics, the self storage market in Australia has greater penetration potential than any other storage unit in Europe.

Need for Further Investment

In terms of demand and supply, the existing self storage units are unable to meet the growing demand for storage space. Interestingly, self storage units in Australia have a lower rental. This is yet another contributing factor for the increasing demand of self storage units.  Naturally, there is a growing potential for investment in self storage Perth WA has to offer.

Mobile Self Storage

The self storage units Perth firms offer have gone an extra mile to usher an era of convenience in the storage facility.  For the benefit of users, now mobile storage units have been introduced. Whenever you require storage space, you may place your requirement for storage units of appropriate size and it will be delivered to your doorstep. You may keep your belongings and the storage firm will move the unit to its secured storage place. In fact, the storage unit will also help you with the services of movers so as to ensure safety in the movement of your precious belongings. You can access these storage units throughout the year.

Versatile Storage Units

The popularity of self storage in Perth WA is attributed to its versatile utility. You can use the storage unit for storing any article except those prohibited by law. There are air conditioned storage units to keep perishable articles and also medicines. Easy and unlimited access and lower rental are other features of these storage units. In addition to these, the self storage firms have evolved state of the art security system to ensure the safety of your belongings.

Self storage units have come as a perfect and affordable solution to address the problem of lack of storage space. But, the need of the hour is to look for specialized storage spaces like the Such storage units offer various other facilities and also offer reasonable discount on rental.