Moto Guzzi motorcycles for comfortable and safe riding

The Moto Guzzi motorcycles are said to be the brain child of two aircraft pilots, and a mechanic attached to the Italian Air Force, back in the 1920’s. The trio are said to have joined together to manufacture motorcycles. In the course of time, Moto Guzzi has turned out to be an exclusive motorcycle manufacturing company. This company has introduced several models of Moto Guzzi for sale.

Change of guards:

Moto Guzzi was taken over by Società Esercizio Industrie Moto Meccaniche (SEIMM) in the late 1960’s. After some time, SEIMM was taken over by Aprilia. Finally, it was Piaggio, which took over from Aprilia. Despite this change of guards, the manufacturers have been bringing motorcycles in the original brand name ‘Moto Guzzi’.

Visit authorized dealers:

Moto Guzzi has been bringing out motorcycles in a variety of designs with exclusive features. You may visit any of the authorized sales outlets where Moto Guzzi for sale is on display. These bikes are available in various categories so as to meet the needs of every class of motorcycle enthusiasts. Further, Moto Guzzi motorcycles have taken part in various popular racing competitions.

Some of the popular models:

The manufacturers have introduced several models of Moto Guzzi motorcycles. Some of the popular models are Griso, V7 II, Eldorado, Bobber, Roamer and so on. In fact, in V7 II model, the manufacturers have introduced several versions like V7 II special, Storenello, and Stone. Some of the popular models of Moto Guzzi for sale are briefly explained here:

Griso: This 1200 CC bike has unique silver graphic color combination, which interrupts its matte-black look. The motorcycle is popular for its aggressive elegance and higher mileage. The motorcycle has a 4-stroke engine which cruises at 7100 rpm power with 6600 rpm torque. The 6-speed transmission motorcycle is equipped with 17-liter fuel tank. The additional features available in this motorcycle include fly screen, homologated silencer, carbon-fiber  heat shield, electronic anti-theft system and various other features.

V7 II Stornello: This is a 744 CC motorcycle with 74 mm stroke, and 80 mm bore with 2-valve engine. The double cradle tubular frame makes it a rugged motorcycle to hit any kind of road. It is for this purpose, this motorcycle is considered ideal to ride on any type of terrain. For effective manoeuvring, the motorcycle is provided with 320 mm stainless steel front brake and 260 mm floating stainless disc brake at the rear.

Touring SE: This is a 1400 CC motorcycle, and it is provided with the 4-stroke, 4-valve double ignition engine. The 95.2 HP engine makes it an ideal bike for long hours of riding. It is for this reason the motorcycle is considered ideal for touring. The bike has 1685 mm wheel base, which gives it the power to cruise on any terrain. The bike is also provided with 20.5-liter fuel tank with additional 5 liters as reserve. Comfort and safety in driving have been the salient features of this motor cycle.

Enjoy the test ride:

The authorized dealers of Moto Guzzi will provide you all the technical details of the motorcycle. You can even avail the benefit of test driving of your preferred model of motorcycle. The authorized dealers undertake servicing, repair and supply of genuine spare parts for every model of Moto Guzzi motorcycles.

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