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What to tick through in the large format printer purchase

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It’s not always that a printing project will require the standard 8.5 by 11-inch measurement of paper. This is especially when it comes to printing of maps, large photographs, architectural plans and even graphic projects. A normal printer will likely not accommodate such big printing works. A large format printer service, however, will be the right machine for the job. Such printers can not only handle large printing paper works but are useful in completing intensive projects tastefully as well. This is because they can print up to several square feet in a very short time span. Furthermore, these printers can work on different types of media such as banners and adhesive films. Businesses that deal in production of signs, and other graphic works, investing in a large format printer will be a safe bet. Read on to get an insight on some of the things that any shopper should check out for when it comes to buying large format printers along with the after sales large format printer service.


The features that a large format printer has are very pertinent. A printer with a built-in cutter, for example, is fantastic for production of crisp clean edge outputs. Also look at the USB ports; they should be able to allow printing from external sources and not limiting you to just one source like a computer. Therefore, check out those that allow mobile printing, cloud printing, Wi-Fi enabled printing among others as these are great features you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Also consider the product warranty given by the wide format printer service as it will guarantee you a degree of security in case of any damage.

Printer repairs
Printer repairs


When all is said and done, it all boils down to the performance of the large format printer. While these kinds of printers are designed to print up to several square feet, there are other things that need not be overlooked. Things like resolution should be maximum along with high speed, good length and great thickness. Also they should be able to cater to your printing needs as well. Ensure they are in great condition when buying and also confirm whether the large format printer service is easily available or not. In case of any issues, return to the manufacturers or get it to a large format printer repairs company so that it can get checked.

Media printing options

Use a large format printer service that provides repair and maintenance services for an array of printers. Also, opt for printing material options that are not limiting. This is because a versatile printer will allow you the flexibility to print on different kinds of printing materials. A printer that can print on fabric, film and materials like adhesives is therefore, what your eye should be focused on other than the traditional paper printing materials.

Among the most important things to look at in large format printer purchase are the features it possesses, the printing performance and the media printing options the printer can handle. Also have a repairs company that can perform wide format printer repair jobs on your machine in case of breakdowns.

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