Book Your Corporate Suites at the State of Origin

Looking for the best corporate suites State of Origin packages? Here is an opportunity to pamper some of your valued customers or a loved one by giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the State of Origin series up close! The state of Origin is one of the biggest rugby sporting activities in Australia. The tournament brings together the best talent in rugby in Australia.

Given the popularity of this event, there are very many people who attend from all over Australia and even from abroad. Getting a place for accommodation and board is therefore not very easy as most of the hotels are fully booked way in advance. For the savvy people, they normally engage companies like Southern Cross Sports Marketing to secure a place of accommodation.Corporate suites State of Origin packages have grown over time to satisfy the growing demand each year.

Southern Cross Sports Marketing has several Origin packages that are meant to serve different customers depending on their budgets and taste and preferences. The company has built very important relationships in the industry and is therefore able to source for accommodation for all clients. All you need to do is give them a call and give information on what exactly you need. The company will make all the arrangements for you. Over the years, the company has built a reputation for providing quality services. In addition to the state of Origin packages, the company engages in all activities that appertain to a sporting event.

 Southern Cross Sports Marketing has been providing sports marketing activities to Australian corporate for several years. The company provides services ranging from securing a venue, organizing the events including the sports and games to be played as well as the tents and catering services. The company will also organize any other activities that accompany the main sporting event. If the event has a commercial or charity objective, the company will provide and distribute any marketing material as well as organize promotion of the event in all kind of media. Therefore as a corporate, you will rest easy knowing that your event is in the hand of experts and that the company will leave no stone unturned in their effort to try and make your sporting event a success.

If you have been charged with the responsibility of organizing a corporate sporting event, chances are that you are no expert in the area and it will prove to be a daunting task juggling your office work with trying to make calls and visit venues in order to ensure that you put together the desired event. Even with your best effort, the event might not turn out to be the success that you desire. This is one reason why Southern Cross Sports Marketing has gained a lot of popularity with many corporates.

For those corporate looking to buy 2015 origin group tickets, Southern Cross is able to provide these tickets in addition to organizing accommodation for those people that will have travelled from far places. With very committed and dedicated staff, the company ensures that the customer is informed and all queries are attended to expeditiously. You can check out the corporate suites State of Origin packages at the South Cross Sports Marketing Website