5 Ways you can benefit from a small and intimate wedding party

All soon-to-be-wed couples are hyped in preparing for their wedding. Couples would want their wedding day to be special, memorable, and shared with their family and friends. Good thing, there are wedding packages Brisbane has available to make the lives of couples easier.

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During your wedding planning stages, it is important that you already envision your ideal celebration. You have to decide whether you want an intimate wedding or a big celebration.

Your budget may be a limiting factor for your planned wedding. You may envision something grand but you cannot afford it.  Plan ahead how much you are spending on your wedding. Make sure that you still have money for your honeymoon, and money to start your life together as husband and wife.

The price of available wedding packages Brisbane has will depend on the couple’s chosen theme, venue, and the number of guests.

Choosing an intimate wedding can surely bring down your budget. However, this does not mean that your big day is no longer special. This just means that you get to celebrate this special day with the people who truly matter to both you and your partner.

Aside from cutting down the cost, here are some advantages of having an intimate celebration:

  1.   Spend more quality time with your guests

Your special day is best celebrated with people who are closest to your heart. With a limited number of guests, you and your spouse can spend more time talking with your guests.

  1.   Less stress

Preparing for your big day can surely be stressful. However, cutting down your guest list to your closest family and friends can reduce stress. With fewer guests, you have fewer invitations to send, fewer guests to entertain on your big day, in short, lesser effort to plan.

  1.   Save up on wedding venue

With fewer people on your guest list, you can save up on your wedding venue. There are several small wedding venues Brisbane has that you can choose from. These venues may be small, but they can be styled into an elegant venue, depending on your preference.

Lightspace is a favourite among couples who prefer to have an intimate wedding. Their studio warehouse is a flexible space that you or your stylist can decorate. You can have your ceremony, cocktails, and sit-down reception at Lightspace.

  1.   You can splurge on your menu

Because you have fewer guests, you can have a grander and exorbitant menu. You can afford to offer your guests with prime meats, more dessert choices, expensive entrées, and many more. With fewer guests, you can have a grand celebration, but on a smaller scale.

  1.   You can have more elaborate decorations

With the savings you have from keeping your guest list small, you can spend more on the styling of your venue. This is especially true with a studio rent Brisbane offers that you can easily customise.

Check what is included in a wedding package. If it includes styling, you can upgrade it to achieve the mood you want for your event.

Again, with the savings you have, you can still have an expensive-looking event on a smaller scale.

If you are in search of wedding packages Brisbane has, please visit https://lightspace.net.au/weddings/

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